Artwork design has always played an integral part to Vibes On A Summers Day. Over the years we’ve engaged some of the country’s most talented and innovative graphic artists, and we continue this tradition in 2016 with the one and only bearded bard, Mulga. 

Our designs brief to the artists are always simple: Bring to life the look and feel of summer in Australia – We provide the artists with music and let them do the rest!


Mulga, Vibes On A Summers Day, Summer festival, Sydney Festival, Bondi Beach

Mulga is Joel Moore, a man with unique style and inspiration. He creates unforgettable artworks of the things he loves to draw; bearded characters, gorillas, lions and magical creatures with laser beam eyes. Originally Mulga worked in economics and finance, until he realised that making art is more fun.

mulga, Vibes On A Summers Day, Summer festival, Sydney Festival, Bondi Beach, Nu Disco, Soul, House, Reggae



Ben & Vibes was a marriage made in heaven. Ben’s artwork was synonymous with Vibes and was an essential part of the Vibes aesthetic for over seven years. Ben is simply a creative genius whose enthusiasm and output knows no bounds. In addition to doing the Vibes on a Summers Day artwork, Ben was also responsible for the one-off Vibes on a Tropical Day designs in 1999 held in Far North Queensland at the Tanks Art Centre. In addition, Ben was also in charge of the original designs for Good Vibrations club nights that was run at Slip Inn in Sydney and created by the Vibes crew.

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The first two Vibes poster designs where created by Mambo’s own Jeff Raglus, who has exhibited extensively throughout Australia. The first iconic Vibes Poster was even exhibited at the Australian National Gallery in Canberra as part of the Mambo retrospective.  Jeff’s band the Feelin’ Groovies also played the very first Vibes On A Summers Day in Melbourne in 1994.

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Jeremy provided us with his own unique take on our design in 1996. Shown as part of an exhibition in Japan, his Vibes design was also replicated in one of the most iconic Vibes promo vehicles in Adelaide, when a VW Combie was covered all over with his artwork for what was considered the best Vibes location in Adelaide, Semaphore Beach. Jeremy’s design can also be found on the first Vibes CD, which became an essential purchase for all music heads. 

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Joe Ferrera

Overseeing all this work during this period was one person that many consider to be one of  the most humble men in the music/art world, Joe Ferrara. Joe’s work has been seen all over Australia in many publications, but special mention should be made of his work as Art Director for Rolling Stone magazine in the 1990’s. In addition, Ferrara was an integral member of the Vibes team whose designed flyers, booklets, posters, ads and CDs artwork that are to numerous to mention and too important not to acknowledge.