Stephan Gryory, pH, The Recordstore, Vibes On A Summers Day

Thrust dramatically into electronic counter culture at the first Happy Valley the day after finishing high school, pH (acid/bass – get it?) turned down an opportunity to study his PhD in human brains at uni, and instead decided to play with them, with music.

pH managed BPM Records from 1996, played the 2000 Berlin Love Parade and Tresor amongst a bunch of other regular gigs, and convince Home nightclub in 1999 that trance could work in a city club (sneakily adding side rooms of breaks, dnb and techno). And it did.

This is indicative of pH‘s musical style, which is not genre based, but predicated on the eternal pursuit of the sound that captured him way back in that field.

Continually seeking out new incarnations of ‘that sound’ has led pH to his current vocation running the Recordstore (Darlinghurst), ensuring Sydney still has access to regular slabs of underground electronic vinyl from around the world.

Thrilled at the return of Vibes on a Summer’s Day (The original iteration of which remains a spectacular blur in his memory) and impressed with all the local talent showcasing so many new sounds, in this instance pH will be diggin through his crates to bring you a big beat/trip-hop jaunt down memory lane. Expect surprises along the way.