Back in 1996 Kid Kenobi attended his Vibes on a Summers Day as a wide eyed teen. In that same year he also played his first ever gig under the Green & Jazzy brand. These parties championed big beat, early breaks, trip hop, old school rave, drum and bass, and hip hop classics. It’s where it all began!

Although he went on to receive countless accolades, awards, records, and firsts —including being named Australia’s favourite DJ for a record 3 years from 2003 – 2005, knocking up over 100 remixes for some of the world’s biggest names, to having an itinerary that reads like a Lonely Planet guidebook to the best nightclubs around the world—perhaps Kid Kenobi’s greatest triumph is his ability to not only keep on evolving and growing as an artist but so too continuing to fly a flag inspired deeply by his roots in the mid 90’s.

Needless to say Vibes 2016 will be a special gig for this Kid!