Frenzie, Groove Therapy, Vibes On A Summers Day

Chief Part Rocker

With over twenty five years experience and a weekly radio show Groove Therapy now in its 13th year, he’s grown a record collection that would make any DJ envious. Taking inspiration from when DJ’s used to play for no less than 6 hours straight and transition between styles, Frenzie has developed his skills to match his passion.

We’ll not bother going deep into his ridiculous international touring schedule, there’s over 54 artists on the list from Gil Scott Heron to Herbaliser, Ultramagentic MCs, Soul II Soul and infact, Grandmaster Flash personally requested Frenzie as his official support DJ for his 2013 Aus tour.

But can he rock a party? Frenzie has been dropping memorable sets for years. Whether it be a one hour power mix or an all night marathon set, Frenzie has plenty of experience reading the crowd and always drops an entertaining set – custom built from carefully considered quality jams and a dash of turntable trickery. Not only can Frenzie mix a record, he has definitely earned his stripes as the number one chief party rocker.